Friday, May 13, 2011

Favorite Screw-Cap WInes -- Great for Picnics

Due to a problem with the host of this site (Google's blogspot), my posting from earlier this week about delicious screw-cap wines disappeared. Blogspot posted a notice saying all of their sites were stripped of any posting after Wednesday of this week.

It didn't even get saved as a draft. Very annoying!

Here are two of the five wines that I recommended, one white (left photo) and one red (right).

Crios Torrontes is a fine example of Argentina's best white-wine varietal, torrontes. Fragrant and fruity but with enough acidity to stand up to a variety of foods, it's one of my go-to white wines. The screw-cap makes it super portable and great for cookouts and picnics.

Try The Chook Shiraz as your red wine choice for those cookouts and picnics. It's wonderfully balanced, with delicious fruit and good structure to match with grilled meats, from chicken to steak and everything in between.

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