Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Take a biscuit (and a cream puff?) @ Take the Cake

Okay, biscuits aren't the world's healthiest food. But when they're made right, biscuits are hard to pass up.
Take the Cake (a bakery/eatery in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati) makes biscuits right.
When we went for lunch a couple of weeks ago, I randomly ordered chicken stew with a biscuit. The stew was cream-based and a little too rich for my taste, but the biscuit was stellar.
We returned this past weekend for brunch, and I was happy to see that perhaps half of the brunch entrees came with a biscuit.
Pictured are our breakfast entrees: ratatouille (with a biscuit), pulled pork and coleslaw (with a biscuit), and a breakfast burrito (no biscuit).
The coffee was really good, too.
It was busy but we happened to arrive when the line to order wasn't but a few people. It got longer, later. There's enough turnover that people managed to find a seat before their food was ready.
One more thing: you place your order right in front of their pastry case, of which the top row included a tray of amazing looking cream puffs. The only thing that saved me from going back for one to take home was that the line had gotten really long and I didn't want to ask my friends to wait.
Another friend who lives in Northside says that cream puffs are a weekend special at Take the Cake.

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