Friday, May 27, 2011

Top Ten Reasons to Hate "the Taste"

One of our town's biggest food events -- if not the biggest -- of the year is Taste of Cincinnati. But I avoid it like the proverbial plague. Here are my reasons:

1. I don't like crowds....and it's always mobbed
2. I hate to eat standing up...which is pretty much what you have to do there
3. Too many calories for too little pleasure (see #2)
4. The wine choices are lousy, and I don't drink beer (and I don't like drinking wine from plastic cups anyhow
5. It's often hot and humid, with no shady places to hang out (also see #1)
6. Parking is a bitch, and then you have to walk and walk and walk....which I do every day without fail for exercise, but don't like to for "social" occasions
7. There are too many drunk and obnoxious attendees (see #1)
8. The food isn't all that good -- how could it be, with preparers having to make mass quantities and meet the demand of long lines (see #1)
9. The fare is too expensive for what you get (see #2)
10. The bands are too loud, at least the ones that I don't like are.

Just my opinion, folks -- obviously, many thousands feel otherwise.

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