Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shrimp tacos -- easy to make, fun and healthy, too.

Yes, this is an easy dinner and you can make it very healthy.
A few tips:
Saute shrimp quickly with some salt/pepper. Remove from pan and cool slightly. (I also added a handful of cut-up asparagus to the pan, so I had a green veggie in the meal.) Cut into smaller pieces and remove tails. Toss with lime juice and chopped cilantro and add mild or medium tomato salsa.
In a separate bowl, add prepared guacamole or mashed avocado.
In another bowl, put chopped up cold veggies -- I used shredded carrots, diced tomatoes and a few chopped radishes (in season now) for a little kick.
Heat the tortillas in the microwave for just a few seconds.
Everyone makes his/her own, adding to the tortillas in whatever proportion s/he feels like. You can add chopped lettuce and shredded cheese, if desired. More salsa also will be a hit.

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