Sunday, May 8, 2011

A weekend worth of dining -- and marketing

Here are photos from (top to bottom):

Friday lunch at Take the Cake (Northside) -- terrific, top-quality quiche in foreground, with a salad, and chicken stew with a biscuit. It was packed, and for good reason: they do everything right. I hear their Sunday brunch is the best in the in-town/uptown area, and after this yummy lunch, I don't doubt it.

Saturday morning scenes at Findlay Market (downtown)-- A woman from Crete (Greece) is selling locally bottled olive oil imported from Greece, which she says is pure and undiluted with lesser oils. You can sample before you buy. Also a shot of some of the produce now plentiful at our local farmers markets.

Dinner at Bonefish Grill (Hyde Park) -- I can't get past ordering the seared ahi tuna (beautiful presentation); my daughter and her husband had the other fish preparations, which were daily specials.

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