Friday, May 20, 2011

New "spring" menu at La Poste

La Poste is such a welcome presence in our neighborhood--gaslight Clifton--and I was looking forward to their new menu, which debuted earlier this month.

I've had dinner there twice since the new menu has been available, and have to report that it's rather disappointing. One expects spring/summer dishes to be lighter than what you'd have in the winter months, but it was terribly hard to find what I had hoped to see. No light salads, no veggie-based entrees (except the cheesy, creamy kind), and even the fish preparations were too oily and, well, heavy.

The steamed mussels and clams (pictured) were an exception, and I appreciated that dish as an appetizer on my second trip. I also ordered the mushroom ravioli without the cream sauce, and that was fine. (It was plenty tasty without being sauced in cream.)

Desserts have improved since the place first opened last fall -- not that dessert is going to qualify as something light. I shared a panna cotta with my friend on one of the recent occasions.

One of the wait staff told me they planned to offer lighter fare as specials, but the choices on the two nights I was there didn't qualify as anything light.

I hope this problem will correct itself before the heat of summer settles in.

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