Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cutting Back on Starches (aka "carbs") -- Part 1

Let's get real about good carbs/bad carbs, because "cutting carbs" (or cutting them out) is not only close to impossible, it's also a really bad idea. Carbohydrates are as important in the building blocks of nutrition as is protein, and the other of the trio, fat. No carbs would mean no vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, dairy products -- and of course, no grains or starchy foods such as pasta and cereal. That's ridiculous.
As part of my PT work, I'm trying to increase consumption of protein and decrease some of the carbs in my diet. But truly, it's just the starchy carbs that I'm trying to eliminate or reduce.
Bring on the veggies and fruits!

Here are several links to recipes for interesting pesto creations, as well as interesting ways to use your pesto on less-starchy-than-pasta, higher protein meals.

Pesto and Pistou: Fall is the perfect time to make big batches of puréed basil with olive oil, which can be frozen for later use as pesto or pistou.

Quinoa With Roasted Winter Vegetables and Pesto: This combination of sweet vegetables with pungent pesto is great for a simple grain and vegetable bowl.

Broccoli Pesto: Use this bright mixture as a dip, a spread or a sauce with pasta.

Pesto Portabellos: Portobello burgers and roasted pesto-stuffed portobellos are two great ways to combine pesto with mushrooms.

SOURCE: New York Times Recipes for Health

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