Saturday, October 1, 2011

La Poste debuts fall menu, and fall cocktails too

La Poste in Clifton will debut its fall menu update on Monday. They'll keep some of their most popular items, such as the excellent mushroom ravioli, and tweak the ingredients on a couple of others. Look for the mussels and clams appetizer to morph into mussels only, with a somewhat updated preparation. (I found the mussels & clams a reliably good app or even a light entree.)
Bartender Suzy also will be mixing an array of seasonal cocktails, and she previewed a couple of them last Thursday for my friend Tricia and me. Tricia tried a delectable bourbon-based drink fizzed with egg white that was light while being plenty boozy. For me, Suzy made a "classic sidecar," a cocktail I've always loved when it's made right. Suzy's did the trick -- I'll definitely be ordering that as the days continue to get shorter and the chilly air deepens.


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