Friday, October 21, 2011

Working with a Trainer, Week 1 -- and learning more about "Clean Eating"

So far, the personal training sessions (just two) have been easy, for the most part. He did show me the correct way to do push-ups, with my elbows close to my body, which makes it more challenging to do them. (Push-ups have always been among my least favorite exercises, in any case.)
The day after my first PT workout, I expected to have sore muscles, but it was insignificant -- slight soreness in my triceps due to the proper push-up form. I told my trainer --Dorsey, in the photo here -- and he said we'd kick it up a notch next week.
Pama and her trainer at Fitworks

As for eating, part of my assignment this week was to keep a food diary. Doing that makes me more conscious of what's going in my mouth, of course. The only new (for me) "clean eating" principle that I was able to incorporate was to eliminate any starches (aka carbs) at dinner....not including wine, which I still had a pretty hefty glass of each night. Thanks to cutting back on carbs at other times of the day, too, and paying closer attention overall, I lost about 2 pounds this week.
However, I'm flying to Raleigh this afternoon to spend the weekend with my brother and his family. He and his wife are foodies par excellence, wine collectors (their cellar dwarfs mine by a factor of 100) and he is a great cook. Plus we have dinner reservations at one of their fave restaurants, in Chapel Hill, Saturday night. I'm not expecting to maintain my slight weight loss, but we'll see.
Next week, Dorsey will give me a cardio plan as well as feedback about my diet.
Thenceforth until Thanksgiving, I plan to do my utmost to make real progress with my PT fitness goals:

  • Improve my posture
  • Strengthen my core and leg muscles
  • Begin to lose fat as I drop a few pounds (long term goal is 5-7 lbs)
  • Improve balance and mobility.


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