Friday, October 14, 2011

The Healthiest Foods of Fall

Start with chilies -- which like so many wonderful foods are harvested in the fall. Check out this article by Mark Bittman about roasted chilies, which includes links to recipes for roasted or broiled green chilies, pork and green chili stew, and a marvelous tortilla soup. My lead photo for this post is from Bittman's NY Times article. Yum.

As for other healthy foods whose deliciousness peaks in autumn and even into winter, Eating Well magazine lists their top six: broccoli, mushrooms, (new) potatoes, swiss chard (or other similar greens), cabbage and winter squashes. All are excellent ingredients for hearty casseroles, stews and soups -- just what your body craves when the weather gets chilly.
Go here to read the Eating Well article and get ideas about how to buy, store and cook these great fall veggies.

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