Sunday, October 16, 2011

Work in an office? How to avoid common health pitfalls of office life.

The days where most people did physical work for at least a good part of their day are long gone, at least in the contemporary U.S. Here are some all-too-common and often serious health challenges that office workers have to deal with. Click here to read more, including how you can protect yourself from these dangers.
1. Eye strain (from computer use)
2. Low back pain (it's that chair)
3. Noise stress -- depends on your office environment, but computers and other machines, telephones, and co-workers' chatter can add up to serious noise pollution.
4. Weight gain and obesity (it's that chair, again -- plus the temptations of fattening goodies you or your co-workers keep within easy reach)
5. Repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome
6. Stress
7. EMF (electromagnetic field) exposure from common workplace devices
8. Germs and bacteria

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