Sunday, October 23, 2011

A night on the town (Chapel Hill NC)

Wall of Liquor at Crunkleton
What a great town, the growing but still adorable place where I went to graduate school at UNC-Chapel Hill. Saturday night my brother, his wife and I drove from their house in the country north of Raleigh for an evening in the Hill.
We started and ended at a fantastic bar called The Crunkleton (did not learn the story behind the name), where we tried several wondrous "craft cocktail" concoctions, our favorite of which was the house version of Old Fashioned. When we arrived at 7 PM things were rather quiet. After walking a couple of blocks and having dinner at Elaine's (a highly regarded Chapel Hill dining destination), we returned to Crunkleton and the joint was jumping.
While the fare at Elaine's was good, I imagine the kitchen wasn't at the top of its game, since we found the food to be a little spotty, and the only dish we all thought stellar was the warm chocolate cake with pistachio ice cream (dessert, obviously). So the highlight of the night definitely was the bar.

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