Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cutting back on starchy foods (aka "carbs"), Part 2: Low-starch Dinners

I'll admit, dinner is the easiest meal for me to go "low-carb." (As noted in an earlier posting, what we're really talking about here is mostly starchy, white-flour carbohydrate-laden foods, such as bread, pasta and cereal.) Here's a typical dinner that works for me: pan-sauteed fish--in this case, Arctic char-- with large portions of a fairly elaborate veggie. The char's plate companion is a roasted ratatouille, sort of. In a 375 degree oven, I roasted one medium eggplant, diced, for 10 minutes, then stirred in strips of one large zucchini and a red bell pepper, along with whole cloves of garlic and fresh oregano, among other seasonings. That stayed in the oven for another 10-15 minutes, stirred once along the way.
A larger challenge for me is lunch, at least on work days when I often have brought turkey sandwiches to eat at my desk. Too much bread! So I'm working in such things as salads with strips of chicken and cottage cheese (high protein items) or frozen meals from Kashi with at least 22g of protein. You pretty much have to replace those starchy foods with protein-rich foods.
That really becomes hard at breakfast, as I am no fan of eggs. Today I tried mixing protein powder with milk and adding it to my oatmeal, and all that happened was it came close to ruining my oatmeal. The saga continues on making breakfast less starchy!

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