Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wheatgrass juice and other good-for-you treats from Hunter Greengrass

Barbara and Edward Hunter have been growing, processing and delivering fresh wheatgrass around the Cincinnati area since the late '90s. Earlier this month, they opened a juice bar and vegan deli inside Findlay Market. It's right near the center of the market, adjacent to Bean Haus -- a great location!
Barbara and Edward Hunter at Findlay Market

Huntergreengrass is the name of their company and their juice bar. Check out their website to learn the health benefits of wheatgrass. There's quite a list of good reasons to include it in your diet, most of which seem to revolve around the "living chlorophyll" it contains. Barb mentioned that to really get the full nutritional wallop, you should consume the juice within a few minutes of its being juiced. Their website notes that one ounce of the juice has "the same nutritional value as 2.5 pounds of green garden vegetables." Wow!
Their market stand specializes in juices, smoothies, homemade soup and daily specials. Everything they sell is 100% vegan.
Good luck to the market's newest purveyors of interesting, healthy and locally grown products!

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