Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bean Haus -- the Heartbeat of Findlay Market

This coffee mecca and bakery at the center of Findlay Market's main house is something I tend to take for granted. A steady stream of folks stops there in the AM for the good coffee, and there's always a line at the pastry case. I buy the coffee but usually skip breakfast pastries -- either because I've already had breakfast before hitting the market or I tend to frequent other vendors for scones or (rarely) croissants.
This week, though, I paid more attention to Bean Haus.
Its central location and constant bustle make it seem like the beating heart of Findlay Market. As I sat at a nearby table sipping coffee and observing the scene, I noticed trays of fresh baked goods emerging from a back room. It turns out that all the bread, sweets and other baked items are made fresh from scratch on the premises!
Above is a close-up shot of their just-made savory pastry -- I didn't catch the ingredient list but obviously it looks terrific.
If you're a marketgoer, you're probably way ahead of me about Bean Haus. If you only go occasionally, be sure to stop by next time you're there.

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