Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brewster Fish House

We found a first-rate dining spot on Cape Cod, which one of our guidebooks touted as "the best on the Cape," according to some of its fans. We're too inexperienced to weigh in on that argument, but this definitely was our best meal of the trip so far.

It's a tiny dining room with a small bar where you can eat, too. No reservations, so the locals advise getting there early or planning for a long wait. We did arrive just after 6:00, had a drink at the bar and waited only a half hour for our table.

In addition to the guidebook, a local wine store geek recommended this place, too, for its wine list as well as its great food.

It's the Brewster Fish House, and we loved everything we tried. Shown is a special salad with local lettuces and carrot swirls, a fabulous tuna carpaccio, baked cod (not surprisingly on Cape Cod, a delicacy to seek out) and a perfect crab cake.

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