Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wild Salmon Season Begins

Since I've sworn off farmed salmon -- even the organic version -- the start of wild salmon season is especially welcome.

Today at Findlay Market, Luken's has Copper River salmon for $22 a pound. That's steep, compared to the farmed stuff, but it's so healthy and tastes great.

I am old enough to remember when salmon was a rare treat because it was expensive. That was before salmon farming and the resulting $8 a pound "Atlantic salmon" or other similarly named products.

If you're not convinced that farmed salmon is a health hazard, click here. It's from Dr. Andrew Weil, whom I consider a credible source. Also check out the blog Farmed and Dangerous. And here's a site that goes into detail about what "organic farmed salmon" is.

Meanwhile, wild salmon season only lasts a couple of months, at most. Look for it at Whole Foods, Jungle Jim's, and seafood specialty stores. (Best prices tend to be at Jungle Jim's.)

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