Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lobstah! and other seashore delights

We are in Boston and heading to Cape Cod for a week in Brewster, MA.

Seafood is king up here. Last night we ate at the oldest restaurant in continuing service in the U.S., the Union Oyster House in Boston. We had a drink at the oldest bar in the U.S., the Green Dragon. What do I mean by old? The Green Dragon -- frequented by such Revolutionary War luminaries as John Hancock and Samuel Adams-- opened in 1637, and the Oyster House in 1826.

They were both fun and really beautiful places--and very popular. (We waited quite awhile for a table at the Oyster House)

I'll be posting with photos some of our best meals, and tales of ferry rides to Nantucket, reunion gatherings with college pals, etc.

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