Thursday, June 3, 2010

Best Supermarket Veggie Burgers

My husband eats several veggie burgers a week -- it's often his lunch of choice when he's at home. I'm not that into them for an at-home meal, although I'll definitely try restaurant versions.

A recent find is the veggie burger at Mayberry's downtown, which you can also buy for carry-out at World Food Bar (Findlay Market).

This week, Epicurious posted the results of a taste test of supermarket veggie burgers. They tried 10 brands they say are available nationwide. Their top two:

Best Veggie Burger Overall

Winner: Gardenburger: The Original Veggie Burger
($4.49 for 4 patties)

Pros: This pick was the unanimous winner, receiving three and a half forks from all the judges. "This brand does not disappoint! It has a slightly smoky mushroom flavor, and it's not too salty, either," commented one judge. Another stated, "I like that it tastes delicious without ketchup and a bun, but I can't wait to try it sandwiched in between both!" It's made up of mostly mushrooms, brown rice, onion, and a touch of mozzarella cheese. Cons: Borderline rubbery

First Runner-Up

Dr. Praeger's Meatless All American Burger
($4.39 for 4 patties)

Pros: Aside from having 15 grams of protein per serving, Dr. Praeger's burgers also have what one judge characterized as a "crunchy exterior, chewy interior," just how she likes it. "This one was nice and chewy, and not dry like some of the others!" commented another taster. This burger is mostly made up of vegetable protein.

Cons: Not ideal for a vegetarian. Tasted a bit more like meat than some of the others.

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  1. "Dr. Praeger's Meatless All American Burger
    Cons: Not ideal for a vegetarian. Tasted a bit more like meat than some of the others."
    not allways a problem, i'm a vege for ethical reasons (i think eating meat is cruel) the taste isn't an issue actually if i'm honest i loved the taste of meat so to me this is ideal, all the taste without the cruelty spot on!!!