Monday, June 14, 2010

Eating out on the road: Find Italian!

On travels in central Europe, we learned that when the meat-and-sausage based German or Austrian food got to be too much, seek out the neighborhood Italian restaurant to get a dose of healthier cuisine.

Even the most basic Italian places have such things as arugula salads, vegetarian pasta dishes and/or seafood entrees.

Here on Cape Cod, we needed a break from "family style seafood" restaurants, with few or no vegetable sides (cole slaw and French fries don't cut it) and too much fried food.

Sure enough, the local Italian eatery, Agro Dolce, did the trick.

We split a salad with lots of fresh arugula, strawberries and pecans, followed by farfalle with artichokes and mushrooms and a grilled free-range chicken breast over spinach. Along with some delicious Gavi-di-Gavi wine, it was the exact meal we needed.

Back to seafood today, though. We're heading for a restaurant in Harwich Port that specializes in the style of lobster roll that we crave. Instead of the cold lobster salad roll that many places serve, the one we've spotted also offers hot lobster with butter on a toasted roll.

Um, no, that is not the healthy foodie's best hour.....but it's something you can only get in New England so when in know.

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