Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last night in Boston

Au revoir to our June vacation.
I need to get home and back into my better health habits, not to mention looking after my mom & our gardens.
On our final day in Boston, George did a lot of sightseeing around town, whereas I was lazy & didn't leave the Copley Square area. I hit all the shops and had lunch at Legal Seafoods, then back to the hotel room at 3 PM to read and relax.

We went out to the Atlantic Fish Company on Boyston Street for dinner, stopping first (and afterward) at the lovely Oak Bar in the classy Fairmont Hotel. The top photo is frozen peppermint pie with an oreo crust from AFC -- obviously, a healthy foodie's guilty pleasure. Got to cut that out starting tomorrow & lose the pounds that are hanging on my belly right now.

This morning we walked down leafy Commonwealth Avenue to a breakfast place.

Packing, showering and a cab to the airport. Home sweet home, can't wait!! I am so ready to get back, although George would rather stay on vacation all the time. (I'm way too much of a homebody to handle perpetual travel.)

Cape Cod was definitely the best -- Boston, I can tear myself away without too much difficulty.

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